Entry Requirements

Each university sets its own entry requirements for each of its programmes, so these will vary depending on what you want to study and where you want to study it.

Entry requirements for undergraduate (Bachelors) degrees

The baseline entry requirement for admission to Bachelors study in Australia and New Zealand is for a student to have successfully completed A-Levels or a course of study considered to be their academic equivalent (including but not limited to Scottish Highers, the International Baccalaureate and Pre-U Diploma). Each university then sets its own academic standard by asking for a certain standard to be achieved for admission to each degree – for example, AAA at A-Level to read medicine. Degree-specific entry requirements are clearly marked on Study Options’ course lists. 

Students applying for admission to Australian and New Zealand universities do so using their UK school-leaving qualifications. You will not need to ‘convert’ your UK qualifications into the Australian or New Zealand equivalent – Australian and New Zealand universities set specific entry requirements for A-Levels and the IB; other, less commonly-seen qualifications may be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Australian and New Zealand universities use either grades or the following scale to assess A-Level applications: A = 5 points, B = 4 points, C = 3 points, D = 2 points, E = 1 point. Some universities include the A* in their tariff as being worth 6 points. Please note that the University of Western Australia uses a different scale in which: A* = 5 points, A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points and D = 1 point. Vocational qualifications, including BTECs, are accepted by the majority of universities, but not by all – please contact Study Options for more information/clarification.

While for the vast majority of applications additional tests are not required, students applying for admission to medicine and dentistry may be asked to sit aptitude tests (similar to the UKCAT) and candidates for performance or talent-based courses (such as fine art, music performance and drama) are likely to have to submit a portfolio of work or audition piece as part of the application process.

If your academic qualifications don’t meet entry requirements for admission to Bachelors, you might want to consider a pathway programme. Please click here for more information.

Entry requirements for postgraduate degrees

The starting entry requirement for admission to postgraduate study in Australia and New Zealand is for an applicant to have successfully completed a Bachelors degree from a recognized university, either in the UK or overseas. Above and beyond that, additional requirements will apply for different programmes.

Post-experience programmes will usually require a CV, professional and/or academic references, and in some cases evidence of registration with a professional body. Applicants for postgraduate business or law degrees may be asked to sit additional tests (such as the GMAT or GRE).

Transferring and/or applying for academic credit

If you have already started a higher education qualification and wish to transfer your studies to an Australian or New Zealand university, you will need to apply for admission with academic credit.

This involves providing full details of your completed study to date with your application forms. The Australian or New Zealand university admissions team will assess the courses you have taken, the level you have studied at, and the grades you have achieved and decide how much of your previous study is directly comparable to the requirements of the degree course you are applying for. They will then decide how much academic credit to offer you. The amount of credit awarded will determine how much further study you will have to do in order to complete your qualification in Australia or New Zealand.

Each university has a different procedure for assessing credit applications. If you wish to apply for academic credit please contact a student advisor at Study Options to discuss your case and get specific advice regarding what information you will need to provide and the assessment timeframes to expect.

Supporting Documentation

As an international applicant any academic documentation (A-Level certificates, degree transcripts, completion certificates etc.) you provide in support of your applications must be certified as true copies of the original.  Australian and New Zealand universities only accept certification by a very limited number of organisations, most of whom will charge for this service.  As the universities official representative in the UK, Study Options is authorised to certify academic documents on their behalf - and does not charge for this service as it's a key part of our role.

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