A-Level Results Day 2015

Waiting for Results Day?

If you're unconvinced by your UK university offers, but don’t want to get involved with Clearing, don’t panic. There’s another option to consider.

Going through Clearing is stressful, and you're not even guaranteed to get the result you want. But what else are you supposed to do at this point if you don’t like your UK university options? Perhaps you’ve achieved higher grades than you were predicted, and suspect you could now be in with a realistic chance of studying at a really prestigious university. Or perhaps it’s all gone a bit wrong, and you’ve missed the grades you needed for your offer. Or you might just have had a change of heart, and suddenly your place to study that course at that particular university just doesn’t feel like the right way to go.

Time to think completely differently.

There’s still time to apply to study at a university in Australia or New Zealand for the next academic intake.

Australian and New Zealand universities start studying in February (semester 1) each year. Applications for the majority of undergraduate degrees can be accepted right up until the end of November 2015 for degrees starting in February 2016. So it’s fine to wait until after A-level results come out, and then apply.

 Monash University Griffith University

Interested? Here’s what to do next

1. Choose where you want to apply, and what course you want to apply for

Please contact Study Options to get a list of all the degrees available in your chosen subject. You can submit an enquiry via the website, here, or call a student advisor on 020 753 7200.

You can also click here for more information on the different subjects available and here for details of how undergraduate degrees in Australia and New Zealand differ from those taught in the UK. As a heads-up, they are broader and more flexible, and have higher contact teaching hours, among other things.

You can also see profiles of all the universities in New Zealand and Australia here and hear directly from UK students out there studying at the moment, here.

2. Check the practicalities

Please make sure you’re aware of all the financial realities of studying in Australia or New Zealand before submitting applications. It is not currently possible to use a UK student loan to fund study in Australia or New Zealand, so, unless you are able to secure a scholarship, you’ll need to be able to fund your study privately. Please make sure you read through the Costs & Practicalities section for more information.

There are currently three good scholarships open to UK undergraduate students wanting to start degrees in Semester 1 2016. The University of Canterbury is offering generous scholarships to students wishing to study their Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme (though the deadline for this one is September 1st 2015, so please contact us ASAP if you are interested in applying). Full details available here.

University of Tasmania scholarships are open to students wanting to study any undergraduate degree (with just four degrees not eligible – medicine, medical research, nautical science and marine engineering). You can get more information about this scholarship here.

University of Adelaide scholarships are open to students wanting to study any undergraduate degree (with the exceptions of medicine, dentistry, oral health and veterinary medicine). You can get more information about this scholarship here.

3. Make your applications

Application forms for all the universities can be downloaded here each one has clear instructions on how to apply on page 1. Please read our guide to applying here and contact a student advisor if you have any questions or need any help.

Study Options is the official Application Support Service for UK-based students wanting to apply to Australian and New Zealand universities. We are a free, independent, expert service for students.

Please click here for more about us and how we can help.

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