How to make an application

Please download the application form(s) you need from our online library.

Print the forms and fill them in as directed (if you have any questions or problems, call 020 7353 7200 or contact us for help).

Send the completed form(s) and the supporting documents listed on the front page to:
Study Options,
83 Alma Road,
Clifton, Bristol,

Please note that supporting documents must be submitted to the universities by Study Options as certified copies.  Certification means that original copies of your documents must be sighted, copied and signed by an approved certifying officer at Study Options. Examples of documents that require certification include academic transcripts and completion certificates from qualifications you already hold.

Please include original copies of academic documentation with your application forms, so that Study Options can check and certify them.

We will check your applications to make sure they are complete and correct, add the correctly certified copies of your academic documents, and upload the completed applications to the universities for assessment.

Applying in this way via Study Options is the quickest and most efficient way of making an application, as applications that have been checked and certified by Study Options are fast-tracked through the university assessment processes. 

Remember Study Options is a free advice and application service.  Please note that making an application to a university in Australia or New Zealand through Study Options does not place you under any obligation, financial or otherwise, to accept any offers that you're given by the universities.

Making an application online

Some universities also accept online applications. Please note that applying online does NOT guarantee a quicker processing time.  As an international applicant you will still be required to provide certified copies of your supporting documents. Scanning in copies yourself does not meet this requirement; instead you will still need to send the original copies of your academic documents to Study Options. We check and certify documents before uploading our copies to the universities electronically. As these documents need to be matched to your online form, there is often a small delay while everything is located before the assessment can start.

If you want to apply online, please ensure you put Study Options’ contact details on the online form. Some allow you to enter as your representative’s details in a drop-down box. If this is not an option, please include Study Options’ details as either your primary or secondary contact fields. If you do not clearly state that you are applying through Study Options, it may not be possible for us to help you further (for example with supporting documents, liaising with the university about your application, accommodation or applying for a student visa).

When to apply

Application deadlines vary from course to course, so please check any specific deadlines that apply carefully on Study Options course lists. Courses that have a limited number of places available each year are particularly likely to have earlier deadlines.

Ideally, we would recommend applying a minimum of four months before your chosen course is due to start, but earlier if possible, to allow plenty of time for the university assessment to be completed and everything else that’s required (securing suitable accommodation, opening a bank account, getting travel and medical insurance and a study visa for your chosen destination) in plenty of time.

It may be possible to apply later than this, depending on the course you’d like to study. Please contact us to check whether a late application is possible for your course.

The academic year in Australia and New Zealand starts in February (not September). Semester 1 runs from February to June, semester 2 from July to November. Almost all courses can be started in the first semester, some can also be started in the second.

The assessment process usually takes between three and six weeks if you are applying for a bachelors degree, and around four to eight weeks for a postgraduate application (though both can take longer). Research applications definitely take longer, as do applications for courses that have strict quotas on the number of places available (such as medicine, dentistry and clinical psychology).

Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out exactly what courses are available?

Contact Study Options for a course list. You can request a list online, or call us on 020 7353 7200 (London) or 0117 911 5610 (Bristol).

If I get an offer, is my place on the course guaranteed?

No, no place is guaranteed until you formally accept the relevant offer in writing and pay a deposit toward your tuition fees. It’s important not to make any travel bookings that cannot be changed before you have done this and had your place formally confirmed.

Will my degree be recognised when I come home if I do a professional course?

Anyone who wishes to work in a profession must register to practice after they graduate, in whichever country they wish to work. For graduates with Australian and New Zealand degrees, professional registration in the UK and Ireland is usually a formality, although a registration test is sometimes required. If the UK or Irish regulatory body of your chosen profession does not approve your registration immediately, or after a test, you may be asked to do a short conversion course. Each professional degree will have its professional accreditation clearly detailed on its course description. Please note it is the student’s responsibility to check that successful completion of a particular course will allow you to work in your chosen profession in the relevant country.

Download Application Forms

Application forms for undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees by coursework at all the universities are available for download in our online library.

For postgraduate research applications please visit our research information page.

Completed applications should be sent to: Study Options Bristol, 83 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2DP.

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