Charlotte Russell

Charlotte started studying the Master of Science (Marine Biology & Ecology) at James Cook University in July 2018

Charlotte Russell

I have studied at three different universities in three different countries and by far JCU has been the best. I am a very practical person so I learn best when going out and practicing what you are being taught - JCU does this! The trips that they have available for masters students in Marine Biology are great - I am going to the Galapagos islands in July!

The majority of the lecturers are helpful and are good at telling you what they expect and teaching you that. The freshers parties are not as good as the UK universities but there are a variety of clubs to go out to so if you make a good group of friends then you can go and have a good time yourselves. If you live on campus you will have to get a bus to the centre (these can be infrequent) so research where you want to live before you come.

Overall I would highly recommend studying here as I am enjoying it no end! One piece of advice - bring insect repellent!

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