Australian Catholic University

North Sydney, Strathfield, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Ballarat
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  • ACU's Strathfield Campus in Sydney. Photo credit: Australian Catholic UniversityACU's Strathfield Campus in Sydney. Photo credit: Australian Catholic University
  • The Woods Bagot library at ACU. Photo credit: Australian Catholic UniversityThe Woods Bagot library at ACU. Photo credit: Australian Catholic University
  • The North Sydney campus. Photo credit: Australian Catholic UniversityThe North Sydney campus. Photo credit: Australian Catholic University
  • The rooftop garden at the Melbourne campus. Photo credit: Australian Catholic UniversityThe rooftop garden at the Melbourne campus. Photo credit: Australian Catholic University

ACU is a truly multi-state university. Each of the six campuses available to international students (Brisbane, Melbourne, Strathfield, North Sydney, Canberra and Ballarat) offers students the opportunity to experience a different aspect of Australia’s culture and environment. Students may transfer between campuses during their studies (subject to course and unit availability) allowing them to broaden their horizons and enjoy everything Australia has to offer.


The University offers courses across four faculties: Education and Arts; Law and Business; Health Sciences; and Theology and Philosophy.


All ACU undergraduate students undertake community engagement activities, which provide a vital opportunity for students to widen their horizons, learn new skills and make a difference in the wider community. Students have the opportunity to reach out to disadvantaged and marginalised people within society, help break the cycle of poverty, promote intercultural and inter-faith understanding, and care for the environment.


ACU is part of the national system of government-funded Australian universities. ACU is accredited by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Federation of Catholic Universities, which both provide valuable global connections and networks.


ACU is one of the most affordable universities in Australia, offering competitive tuition fees for international students. It also offers full and partial scholarships.


ACU is large enough to offer a wide selection of courses but small enough to have intimate class sizes and friendly campuses. The University offers an enjoyable, diverse and caring campus culture that provides lots of programmes and opportunities for students to experience and enjoy life outside the classroom. Its six campuses offer a friendly and active campus atmosphere with plenty of sports and extra-curricular activities with which students can get involved.


ACU is highly ranked by The Good Universities Guide (2016) for its graduates gaining full-time employment and good starting salaries; its staff qualifications and its cultural diversity, assuring students receive a high-quality academic and social experience.The skills gained by students through professional internships, study abroad and community engagement programmes provide them with real world experiences and ensure that they are well prepared for the future and sought after by employers on graduating.


ACU is committed to developing a specialised and high-quality research environment. Research students are an integral part of research culture and ACU offers a wide range of opportunities for qualified students to undertake supervised research at either masters or doctoral level. 


ACU is globally connected and has extensive and growing links with more than 130 partner institutions worldwide, in over 30 different countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. These partnerships support a broad range of initiatives including student exchange and study abroad programmes as well as shared community engagement. The University has also established links with hospitals, schools, churches and welfare agencies, both nationally and overseas.


There are more than 3,000 international students enrolled in ACU’s onshore and off-shore award programmes, contributing much to our vibrant and multicultural campus life. International students are enrolled at all levels of study at ACU, from undergraduate through to doctoral level. ACU also offers academic pathway courses to students who aspire to enrol in full degree programmes but whose academic backgrounds do not meet entry standard. All students have the opportunity to take part in ACU’s study abroad and exchange programmes.


There are dedicated ACU International offices located in Brisbane, North Sydney and Melbourne. Through these, students are able to access staff who can offer specifically tailored advice for international students. Staff can also provide information on enrolment, course selection, accommodation and student visas. International Student Advisors are also available to assist and support students with a variety of issues.

In addition, all ACU students have access to confidential counselling services, careers advice and guidance, academic skills and language support, disability services and on-campus ministry. 


Students have access to libraries, computer labs, Wi-Fi, cafeterias and bookshops. Teaching spaces include specialist nursing, midwifery, physio and exercise labs, contemporary learning spaces and lecture theatres.

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