Field Trip to the Great Barrier Reef, James Cook University

Orpheus Island Research Station is located on the western side of Orpheus Island, located within the Palm Island group off the eastern coast of Queensland. 

The station boasts ready access to pristine inshore reefs and islands and comfortably accommodates up to 58 people with access a commercial quality kitchen, a fully air-conditioned lecture facility, wet and dry laboratories, and a library.

A known 1,100 species of fish and 340 of the 350 known species of reef coral can be found in the underwater reef gardens surrounding the island. Day and overnight trips can be arranged in conjunction with JCU’s fully-equipped research vessel, the James Kirby. Exploring the waters off Orpheus Island reveals a number of different types of submerged historic sites, from Indigenous sites to recent shipwrecks, which providing research training in search and survey techniques.

JCU marine biology students regularly visit Orpheus Island to study its diverse fauna, particularly on the sand and rubble intertidal reef flats, as well as investigating fauna associated with the mangrove community. Postgraduate students have access to a wealth of scientific resources, including climate-controlled research rooms, wet laboratories, a versatile saltwater aquarium system and six aquarium raceways.

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