Student visa information

If you want to study any course lasting four months or longer in Australia or New Zealand you will need to get a student visa.  A student visa gives you the right to study and work part time in the country.

If you have applied to an Australian or New Zealand university or college via Study Options a full pre-departure service is automatically included, free of charge.  If you applied independently, and already have your place confirmed at an Australian or New Zealand university or college, or already hold an offer of place, find out more about Study Options' student visa checking and pre-departure service here.

Student visa applications for people planning to travel to Australia or New Zealand on their own are usually relatively straightforward. Please click on the links below to get detailed information about student visas for both countries.

Working on a student visa - what are the terms and conditions?

The vast majority of students are able to work part time on a student visa in Australia and New Zealand. Please visit this page to get some key information about working as a student.

Visas for partners and children

If you want your partner and/or your children to accompany you to Australia or New Zealand while you study, please check the relevant information below.

After a student visa expires...

Your Australian and New Zealand student visa will allow you to remain in the country for the full length of your course, and usually allows a few months after graduating for you to remain in the country and/or travel. If you wish to stay on after your student visa expires, there are a couple of options you can explore. Please check out the information below.

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