9 steps to studying in Australia or New Zealand

  1. 2. Tell us what you want

    We will give you a list of all the courses available in your subject. Just tell us what you want to study, and at what level. If there’s anything on your wish list, this is the time to let us know about it. Are you interested in a particular university? Do you want to be in a specific place? Let us know!

  2. 3. Research your options

    We will send you a list of courses to consider. This will include links to each course’s content and structure, as well as their tuition fees, entry requirements, application deadlines and any other key information. Please go through the list carefully; let us know if you want any prospectuses. We offer a free, expert, friendly advice service, so call us, email us, or come to the office to talk through your options. We can also put you in touch directly with universities through regular events.

  3. 4. Get your university application forms

    Once you’ve decided which universities to apply to, read through the section on How to Make Your Application where you can download the required application forms.  Each form contains a straightforward, detailed guide to applying.

  4. 5. Submit your applications

    Send your completed applications to Study Options. We check to make sure everything is correct and complete, and sight and certify your documents on behalf of the universities (we will return originals to you by recorded post). Then we upload the applications for assessment by the universities.

  5. 6. The decision

    If you’ve been offered a place, we will send through your formal offer letter and a guide to the next steps, including how to accept, and what you need to do next.

  6. 7. Getting ready to go

    Once you’ve accepted your place, Study Options offers help and advice with sorting out suitable student accommodation, booking travel, applying for a student visa, opening a bank account in Australia or New Zealand and anything else you need to sort out. If you need help with anything, at any point, just ask.

  7. 8. Final preparations

    Follow the instructions in the university pre-departure information carefully regarding when you need to arrive (you must turn up in time for International Student Orientation and Enrolment, which is usually held at least one week before the start of term). Book your flights, then practice throwing various things on the barbie, start referring to flip-flops as ‘jandals’ (if you’re heading to New Zealand) or ‘thongs’ (Australia), buy a large, roomy suitcase or rucksack and organise a big farewell party…

  8. 9. You’ve made it!

    Arrive at your chosen university in Australia or New Zealand! Study hard and have a great time - we love to know how our students are getting on so drop us a message from time to time!

How can Study Options help you?

Study Options is the official Application Support Service for UK-based students wanting to apply to Australian and New Zealand universities.  We are a free, independent, expert service for students. We offer advice and counselling to help you choose the right course, at the right university, and are then responsible for guiding you through the entire application process, from making an application to accepting an offer of place. We also provide free assistance with practicalities including student accommodation and student visas.

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