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    renewable energy, Sustainability, university research
    The University of Queensland became the world’s first major university to offset 100% of its electricity with renewable energy, when its 64 megawatt solar farm was completed last month. The new solar farm is at Warwick in the South-East of Queensland and has enough panels that they would...
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    The University of Queensland has stopped more than 800,000 plastic items from going to landfill in the past eight months through the UQ Unwrapped initiative that targets single-use plastic on campus.The initiative, a first for an Australian university, is reducing the University’s ‘plastic...
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    South Australia
    student achievement, Sustainability, water treatment device
    Water treatment device made with crisp packets. Photo credit: SBS news
    Mechanical Engineering students and staff at the University of Adelaide have designed a low-cost drinking water treatment system from crisp packets and glass tubing.The treatment system is suitable for use in remoter communities in countries such as Papua New Guinea, where previously rainwater was...

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