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    New South Wales
    university research, world record
    The 40% efficiency milestone is the latest in a long line of achievements by UNSW solar researchers spanning four decades - Dr Mark Keevers. Photo credit: UNSW Australia
    Researchers at UNSW Australia have converted over 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar system into electricity, setting a new world record for the highest efficiency ever recorded. Dr Mark Keevers, the solar scientist who managed the project, said that the team "used commercial solar cells, but in a...
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    New Zealand
    rocket, university research, world record
    University of Canterbury students preparing Milly for launch
    A supersonic rocket built by a group of students at the University of Canterbury, was today confirmed as having smashed the worldwide altitude record for rockets in its class.The I-class rocket was launched from Lake Tekapo, New Zealand on July 26, and it’s flight GPS data shows that it reached a...
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