Interested in staying on in New Zealand for work?

Study Options says: It’s important to note that successful completion of any of the business Masters degrees profiled on this page will make you eligible to apply for a Post Study Work Visa for New Zealand. This is a fantastic opportunity to put everything learnt from the programmes into practice in the real world, and get your new or newly energised career off to a great start.

There are two types of post study work visa available in New Zealand – visas granted under the ‘open’ category are valid for 12 months, while those granted under the ‘employer assisted’ category (to be eligible for this one you will need to have secured a job offer relevant to your business Masters qualification) are valid for two or three years.

For further information on possible work visa options post the completion of your masters degrees please click here.

The New Zealand post study work visa scheme is more accessible than the equivalent programme in Australia, where students must study for a minimum of two years in order to be eligible to apply.

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