Your study environment: Amazing university facilities

Studying at Australian and New Zealand universities offers you the opportunity to access world-class facilities. Here’s just a small sample of what’s available!

The new 7 Tesla MRI scanner. Photo credit: The University of Melbourne.The University of Melbourne’s ultra-powerful MRI machine (neuroscience)

The University of Melbourne is home to a powerful Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine that offers neuroscientists a window though the human skull. Conventional MRI machines rely on 3 Telsa, but the machine at Melbourne is a 7 Telsa machine and offers unprecedented clarity of the brain’s workings. The Siemens 7 Tesla system is 140,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling extraordinarily detailed images of human anatomy. You can read more about this incredible machine here.

The University of Melbourne

Professor Paul Bonnington using "tracked" 3-D glasses and control that help to surround and immerse the viewer in CAVE2.  Photo credit: Monash UniversityVirtual reality at Monash University – CAVE2 (many academic disciplines including science, archaeology and engineering)

Monash University houses CAVE2, an amazing virtual reality environment which allows users to see images, manipulate and even walk through them by wearing special glasses.   It is the largest facility of this type in the world. CAVE2 is a compilation of 3D images that are projected through 80 high-definition LCD screens that are mounted around a curved room, allowing users to totally immerse themselves in different environments, opening up new possibilities for insight and discoveries across a range of disciplines including science, archaeology and engineering. Read more about CAVE2 here.

Monash University

Researchers at Orpheus Island Research Station.  Photo credit: James Cook UniversityJames Cook University – Orpheus Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef (marine science)

James Cook University in Northern Queensland offers students the opportunity to experience the amazing marine ecology and wildlife in the region from its Orpheus Island research station, situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This amazing facility has its own boats, diving facilities, lecture theatre, accommodation and laboratories. Find out more about the Orpheus Island research station here.

James Cook University

Waiheke Island. Photo credit: The University of AucklandThe University of Auckland’s very own vineyards – Waiheke vineyards (wine science)

Wine science students at the University of Auckland have access to two working vineyards on beautiful Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland. Goldwater is a 14 hectare vineyard and winery that offers students the opportunity to live, study and work in a boutique winery. Fossil Bay Vineyard offers practical training for students in a commercially-sized environment. Students take grape samples from the vineyard for their viticulture project and then harvest the grapes to actually make the wine! Find out more about the university's wine science programmes here, or read more about the vineyard here.

The University of Auckland

The Macquarie Trading Room with live stock information displayed throughout the day. Photo credit: Bond UniversityThe Macquarie Trading Room at Bond University (finance)

The leading facility of its type in Australia, the Macquarie Trading Room at Bond University is a state-of-the-art facility providing students with 24-hour access to Bloomberg market data terminals, electronic trading platforms and streamed market information. It enables students to gain practical experience in executing deals, managing portfolios and trading financial securities. Find out more here.

Bond University

The Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland. Photo credit: The University of Queensland.The Advanced Engineering Building at  the University of Queensland

The Advanced Engineering building at the University of Queensland is a unique, state-of-the-art facility that is literally a living laboratory, designed to deliver practical- learning to engineering students and to maximise global research opportunities. The building has been designed and constructed to achieve certified 5 Star Green ratings representing “Australian Excellence” in environmental initiatives. It has some amazing energy saving features such as phase change material to provide tempered air for the air-conditioning, mixed-mode operation so air-conditioning is only required during extreme conditions, solar shading and high efficiency water-cooled chillers. Find out more about the Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland.

The University of Queensland

The Hatchery at the University of Canterbury – dedicated student start-up facility (entrepreneurship)

The University of Canterbury actively nurtures student start-ups, providing students with support and a dedicated space within their innovative facility the Hatchery. The Hatchery is dedicated to student start-up ventures and offers students a dynamic, vibrant, ‘learn-by-doing’ environment alongside other start-ups. Students also have access to the UC Innovators team of mentors, experts and seed funding sources. UC Innovators is an initiative at the university dedicated to fuelling innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. Find out more about the Hatchery here.

The University of Canterbury

Murdoch University’s scaled engineering plant (engineering)

Engineering students at Murdoch University in Perth have access to the Bayer Pilot Plant, a scaled engineering plant, which is the only one of its kind in Perth, and one of the only plants of its kind on any university campus in the world. It features real-world engineering equipment and advanced control systems using a modern industrial data acquisition and control platform. Read more about the Bayer Pilot Plant at Murdoch University here

Murdoch University

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