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Study Options is the official Application Support Service for UK-based students wanting to apply to Australian and New Zealand universities.

We are a FREE information resource for any member of school or university staff whose role includes advising students on further education options.

We offer expert, independent counseling to students, which we can provide either directly to the student, or in consultation with you.

We are also very happy to answer any general questions you may have about Australian and New Zealand universities, including details of the application process. Please use the form below to request information, or call us on 0117 911 5610 (Bristol) or 020 7353 7200 (London).

Study Options: Resources For You

  • We produce a general prospectus about Australian and New Zealand universities each year, called The Guide. You should receive a free copy automatically around the end of September each year, but if for some reason you are not on our mailing list and you’d like to be please let us know! Alternatively, please download a PDF version here.
  • We offer expert, independent counselling to students, which we can provide either directly to the student, or in consultation with you. If you have a student, or a group of students, who would like information about their study options and the application process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • We are the organisation responsible for receiving and checking applications made by UK-based students. If you have a student or a group of students in the process of making applications for admission to Australian and New Zealand universities we are happy to help them put their applications together, to ensure that they are complete, correct, and as strong as possible. This support can be provided in person if appropriate.
  • You can speak to Australian and New Zealand university representatives in person at our annual Open Days event. Please click here for information – this is a free information event and school groups are welcome.
  • If you have any questions, about any aspect of studying in Australia and New Zealand, please call or email us using the form below – we really are always happy to help.

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