More UK students consider studying abroad in 2014

A survey of more than 2500 UK students conducted by the British Council has found that the number of students who would choose to take a degree course abroad has risen to 37% this year – an increase of 17% on last year’s survey.

The report shows that Australia is the second most popular destination for UK students who are keen to study overseas, with 9% of interviewed students citing it as a potential destination.

The British Council found that the main academic reason for students wanting to study abroad was to gain credit for their field of study, although there were also many non-academic reasons; the opportunity to travel overseas, the chance to have a "unique adventure", to improve job prospects, building self-confidence, and the opportunity to establish international careers.

It is difficult to establish exactly how many British students opt to study abroad as there is no central means of collecting this data.  However, UNESCO research suggests 28,180 British students (just over 1% of the total) were studying overseas in 2012.  At Study Options, we personally helped several hundred students to study in Australia or New Zealand last year!

You can read the original news story on the BBC News website here.

You can find out more about how Study Options can help you to study overseas in Australia or New Zealand here, or contact us.

An excellent opportunity to learn more about studying overseas, is at the Study Options Open Days; a series of free information events designed to give students, parents and careers advisors the chance to talk to representatives from Australian and New Zealand universities. The Open Days will take place between the 2nd and 6th June 2014 in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London, visit the Study Options Open Days website for event details and to register.

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