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University of Adelaide research reveals how we choose wine

Dr Steve Goodman from the University of Adelaide has been researching what influences us to choose a particular bottle of wine. Dr Goodman surveyed consumers in 11 countries and retailers, restauranteurs and distributors in Australia, America and China. The purpose of the research was to look at the different factors which influence decisions along the wine supply line. It is important to have a good knowledge of these factors as otherwise "all the work that goes into making a 'brand' for a wine ... may be a waste of time if a wine business doesn't know what influences wine selection at various points of the supply chain".

Dr Goodman made the important discovery that whilst restauranteurs choose wine based on taste, customers are more likely to select a wine that they have enjoyed before than be swayed by recommendations from restaurant staff. This therefore means that wineries need to make sure they engage with the end consumer and not just the supply chain.

You can read more about Dr Goodman's research on the University's website here. The University of Adelaide is a leader in viticulture courses and if you would like to know more about these please get in touch with Study Options.

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