Application fee waivers - Make your application at the Open Days!

All the universities attending our Open Days have agreed to waive their application fee if you make an application on the day.

Applications taken now will be for a February or July start in 2015 (Semester 1 or 2).  In some cases, it may be possible to apply for a July 2014 (Semester 2) start as well.

To make an application, you need to make sure that you bring along a few important documents.  Doing so will enable Study Options staff to certify your documents at the event and your application will be processed quicker.


Please bring the original AND 1 x photocopy of each of the following documents:

- Your passport (very important!)

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you will also need:

- Your A-level certificates (or equivalent qualification), or evidence of predicted grades if you are currently studying and so do not have the results yet.

- Your GCSE certificates.

If you are applying for an postgraduate course, you will also need:

- Your degree certificate (for any undergraduate or postgraduate study already completed) and academic transcripts.  An academic transcript is an official list, issued by the university, of the subjects you've studied and the grade/mark obtained for each.


Application forms for all the universities can be downloaded and filled in before you arrive at the Open Days, allowing you more time to talk to the university representatives when you get there.

If you are a current UK undergraduate student and wish to transfer to an Australian or New Zealand university, please ensure you bring your academic transcript to date.

Contact Study Options before the Open Days week if you have any questions about applying on the day, or what you need to bring.

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