Study Options Open Days 2014: How to make the most of the Open Days

With just a few weeks to go before the first Open Day, we are pleased to say that we already have lots of prospective students registered for the events in June.  If you haven't yet registered for an Open Day, you can do so here, but first let us tell you a bit more about what you can expect.

16 university representatives have confirmed their attendance for the events, and the Study Options team will also be there to help you with more general enquiries about studying in Australia and New Zealand, offering student visa advice, and even processing your application on the day!  With so much on offer, make sure that you leave with the right information...

Register online for the Open Days

Talk to the right representatives

The Open Days are a once a year opportunity to meet Australian and New Zealand university representatives all in one place, but with 16 different universities attending, you will find it difficult to remember all the crucial information. It's much more productive to approach 2 or 3 universities with a list of specific things you would want to know.  If you don't yet have an idea of where you would like to study, you can contact Study Options for full course lists in your subject area, and use our website to read more about each university.  When you get to the Open Days you will be able to concentrate your time on the universities that you are most interested in, rather than running around trying to talk to all of them!!

There are no scheduled appointments at the Open Days, you can turn up at any time during the afternoon, however please be aware that you may have to wait for other students to finish talking to a representative before you get your chance, so make sure you give yourself enough time at the event.

Course Lists

With so many options available, you should really have a good idea of which subject you would like to study before attending the Open Days, you contact Study Options to talk about your options and receive course lists before the event.  There will also be reference copies available at the Open Days.


Prospectuses will be provided by each of our universities at the Open Days, you will also be able to pick up a copy of Study Options Guide, which includes lots of general information about studying in Australia and New Zealand.  Please consider the environment, and only take the ones you need!

Student visa advice

There will be a stand offering visa advice at each of the Open Days, this is an opportunity for you to ask questions about student visas for Australia and New Zealand.

Apply on the day

If you've already got a clear idea of where you want to study, you can even make your application on the Open Day itself.  Application forms for each university are available for download on the Study Options website, bring them along to the Open Days along with the documents listed in the box below.  All the universities will be offering application fee waivers to students who apply at one of the Open Days, as well as saving you the time and expense of posting your important documents for certification.  You will need to bring the originals AND photocopies of your passport, academic certificates and transcript.

Please bring the original AND 1 x photocopy of each of the following documents:

- Your passport (very important!)

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you will also need:

- Your A-level certificates (or equivalent qualification), or evidence of predicted grades if you are currently studying and so do not have the results yet.

- Your GCSE certificates.

If you are applying for an postgraduate course, you will also need:

- Your degree certificate (for any undergraduate or postgraduate study already completed) and academic transcripts.  An academic transcript is an official list, issued by the university, of the subjects you've studied and the grade/mark obtained for each.

If you are a current UK undergraduate student and wish to transfer to an Australian or New Zealand university, please ensure you bring your academic transcript to date.

If you are unsure about what you need to apply, contact Study Options.

What have you got to lose?

The Study Options Open Days are free events, and there is no obligation for you to make a decision right there and then, so why not come along and talk to the people who know everything there is to know about studying in Australia and New Zealand!  For dates, locations and to register, read more about the Open Days 2014 here.  You can also see a full list of the universities attending (with links to their online profiles) here, and if you've got any questions at all, then make sure you contact Study Options for an answer!

Register online for the Open Days

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