Magnetics Society's Distinguished Lecturer, Professor Tim St Pierre from UWA, embarks on UK lecture tour

Professor St Pierre heads UWA's BioMagnetics Research Group in the School of Physics, which for more than 10 years has been making a real difference to medical procedures all over the world. Professor St Pierre’s work has revolutionised liver investigations and he is now working on simple low cost diagnostics for the two biggest tropical diseases, malaria and schistosomiasis or Bilharzia.

Now the global Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers not only recognises Professor St Pierre but also has this year named him their Magnetics Society's Distinguished Lecturer for 2014.

"Traditionally magnetics materials scientists have focused on technological applications of magnetism in devices such as computers and electric motors," Professor St Pierre said. "Geophysicists have been interested in magnetism in rocks. But we are moving into a new era where we are able to detect very subtle changes in the magnetic properties of living systems and design magnetic technologies to help us diagnose and treat disease."

He is currently undertaking three extensive lecture tours, which will take him across the globe to deliver 50 lectures in four continents over nearly six months.  At the end of June, he will be reaching the UK, with dates at universities around the country.

You can find out more about Professor Tim St Pierre’s work on the Global Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Magnetics Society’s website.

Professor St. Pierre’s UK lectures begin on the 23rd June in Cardiff and end on the 16th July in York.  Find out more about the lecture series by emailing

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