New Arts Masters at the University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia has just announced five new Arts Masters for 2015.

  • Master of Strategic Communication
    A degree designed for professionals aspiring to become trusted senior communication advisors in the workplace.
  • Master of Heritage Studies
    A degree designed for students who wish to work in a field that intersects with heritage.  Specialise in indigenous Australian or international heritage.
  • Master of Social Research Methods (starts 2016)
    This degree is for students interested in working in fields that use information about people e.g. in organisations that seek an understanding of public opinion relating to current issues or proposed changes that affect society.
  • Master of International Development
    This degree engages students with the contemporary challenges of addressing poverty and inequality globally.
  • Combined Master of International Relations and Master of International Law
     A one of a kind opportunity for graduates to attain two sought after qualifications through the combined Master of International Relations and Master of International Law. Suited to both legal and non-legal professionals.

If you would like to find out more about any of these Masters degrees, contact Study Options. You can also read more about the University of Western Australia here.

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