Engineering opportunities in Australia after graduating – the 476 visa

Australia’s Recognised Graduate Visa (476) is designed specifically for engineering graduates.  Few people are aware of this particular visa, but it provides an excellent opportunity for engineering students at all levels to try to find work in the country after graduation.

Nearly every student studying at an engineering faculty in Australia is eligible to apply for one of these visas, even those studying one-year qualifications such as a Graduate Diplomas in engineering.  The three main requirements to apply for this visa are:

1) Have a Engineering qualification in the past 24 months at a recognised institution; and
2) Have at least the Competent level of English; and
3) Have not turned 31 years of age

The Australian institutions whose engineering faculties are recognised for this visa application include (but are not limited to):

The final catch when applying for the 476 visa is that although you can apply when still in Australia, you should ensure that you are outside of the country when the visa is granted.  Immigration Australia update their range of visas regularly depending on the number of applicants and availability of jobs within the country, so this opportunity will not be around forever.  More information is available on the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

You can find out more about just some of the wide range of engineering programmes available in Australia in this month’s Subject Focus, or contact Study Options for a complete list.

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