Number of qualified engineers in the UK must double

Engineering is a growing industry around the world, in the UK the industry now accounts for almost a quarter of the country’s turnover.  There is increasing demand for new engineers to join the industry according to a new report – Engineering UK 2015 The State of Engineering.

Engineering companies in the UK will need 182,000 people with engineering skills per year in the decade until 2022, but there is currently a shortfall in the UK of around 55,000.  In order to meet these figures the numbers of apprentices and graduates entering the industry needs to double.

Did you know that in engineering you do not need to qualify in the UK to work here – engineering degrees from Australia and New Zealand are easy to transfer, due to similarities in the education systems and the Washington Accord.  The Accord is an international agreement between six countries - UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada – that means a degree studied in any of these countries would be professionally accredited in any of the others. So, as well as being the experience of a lifetime, studying engineering in Australia or New Zealand can open the door to a potentially global career.

This month’s subject focus features some of the distinctive engineering programmes available at Australian and New Zealand universities, read it here or contact Study Options for more information about the wide range of engineering programmes available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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