Ask the experts at Australian and New Zealand Universities

Human beings are endlessly curious about the world that surrounds us and thanks to the Internet; the answers to many questions are available at your fingertips. Sometimes though, you just can’t get a satisfying answer on Wikipedia and need an expert to turn to.   Universities in Australia and New Zealand are full of such experts - people who have been researching a topic in depth for many years, and now you can tap into that impressive bank of knowledge!

You can now submit questions to experts at Victoria University of Wellington and Griffith University who will film a short video explaining the answer!  Even if you don’t have a question of your own, there is a lot you can learn by watching the videos that have already been produced.

On the Victoria University of Wellington website you can “Ask a Researcher” and watch videos about the answers to questions such as “Will robots make people obsolete?” or “Why do chillies burn?”  See it here.

Griffith University have also set up a dedicated website where you can “Know more in sixty seconds” – a series of videos answering questions such as “Where do the word news come from?” and “What does it take to be an Olympic gold medallist?”  You can see it here (link expired).

Find out more about both universities by clicking the links to their profiles below.  Griffith University will also be joining us at the Open Days in March, so if you would like to find out more about the wide variety of research conducted by the university come along to chat to their representative.

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