• Inside the robotic I-Ball. Photo credit: The University of QueenslandInside the robotic I-Ball. Photo credit: The University of Queensland

Robotic football developed at UQ for visually impaired players

A new kind of robotic football has been developed at the University of Queensland, which is set to improve ball-game participation by players with visual impairments.

A team of researchers in the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology developed the ball, which contains motion sensors, high-efficiency speakers and a small UQ-developed controller that can be programmed to suit the player.

Compared to existing footballs, which emit only one tone, the Interactive Ball know as I-Ball can vary the sound based on motion and environment, so that is possible for the player to understand how fast the ball is moving depending on the tone emitted. 

The team has been working closely with Vision Australia, who have provided expertise on the social, physical and developmental aspects of vision, especially in regard to sport.  Physical activity encourages engagement with peers and helps young players to build self esteem.  Louise Arvier, a physiotherapist with Vision Australia said “The I-Ball is an exciting new technology that shows great potential in aiding people to participate on the field and court and to join in a wider range of sports.”

For more information on the I-ball, visit the website.

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