• The Nanopatch applicator and a large version of the patch. Photo credit: The University of Queensland.The Nanopatch applicator and a large version of the patch. Photo credit: The University of Queensland.

UQ’s Nanopatch vaccine technology attracts AU$25 million investment

A vaccine technology company, Vaxxas, has moved closer to achieving it’s goal of improving world health, thanks to AU$25 million funding being received from Australian venture capital firm, OneVentures.  Vaxxas, began as a start-up of the University of Queensland’s UniQuest commercialisation company, with the aim of developing the ‘Nanopatch’ for commercial use.

The Nanopatch was invented at UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology by Professor Mark Kendall, and seeks to replace traditional needle and syringe methods with a small patch that delivers vaccines painlessly. In 2011, UniQuest, working with Professor Kendall, founded Vaxxas to advance the Nanopatch towards being a clinically proven product. 

Professor Kendall said: "This investment is a key next step in advancing a series of clinical programs and develop a pipeline of new vaccine products for major diseases using Vaxxas' patented Nanopatch technology."

"The technology is the size of a postage stamp, and has thousands of small projections designed to deliver the vaccine to abundant immune cells in the skin."

"It is designed for thermostability, making it cheaper to produce, more convenient to transport and easier to access in developing countries."

There is huge potential for this technology, which if successful, can improve health worldwide, and it all started with university research.

You can find out more about the University of Queensland on their profile, and more about their research in the news section. The University of Queensland is one of the many Australian and New Zealand universities who will be available at the Study Options Open Days in March.

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