• UQ student James Hill on the winter research programme. Photo credit: The University of QueenslandUQ student James Hill on the winter research programme. Photo credit: The University of Queensland

Holiday research programmes at the University of Queensland

If you are thinking about research as part of your educational career, the University of Queensland offer a great opportunity to find out what it would be like with short vacation research placements.

The UQ Winter Research Programme is currently recruiting students to work on 4-6 week research projects over the winter vacation period (mid-June to mid-July).  Participation is open to students who’ve completed at least one year of study at the time of application, and you don’t have to be a student at UQ to apply.

The programme is aimed at new researchers – that means students currently undertaking an undergraduate or taught postgraduate degree programme, anywhere in Australia or at international universities.  Research projects are available in a wide range of disciplines and provide you with an opportunity to gain research experience working alongside some of the university’s leading academics and researchers. By participating, you’ll be able to extend your knowledge of an area of interest and develop your analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

There are even winter research scholarships available to participants and travel grants for international students.  This is a fantastic opportunity to find out whether a research degree is for you – wherever you are currently studying. You can find out more about the programme and how to apply on the University of Queensland website.

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