New undergraduate medicine programme at Curtin University

Curtin University has recently announced a new undergraduate medical degree to commence in 2017.  The degree will be offered as a five-year direct-entry programme – the only such degree available in the state of Western Australia.

The new degree programme has been introduced to address a shortage of doctors in the state, whose population is currently growing.  Other programmes offered in Western Australia are graduate-entry, which means that students have to have an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject before applying.

Curtin University has just received approval from the Australian Government to set up Curtin Medical School, of which this medical degree will be a part. They will also be establishing a new campus to house the range of medical and nursing programmes that Curtin has on offer.

If you are interesting in applying for a medical programme at university in Australia or New Zealand, contact Study Options for more information. You can also find out more about Curtin University on their profile.

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