Curtin University opens the Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC)

Curtin University has opened a new institute, the Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC), in Western Australia. The facility focuses on computation and data analytics research.

The CIC is a multidisciplinary centre where all the faculties of Curtin University will contribute to and benefit from its research.  Computation underpins the majority of international research so the institute was founded to meet the increased demand for large-scale computation and data modelling.

The new institute initiates and fosters collaborative, interdisciplinary research and education programs that apply computational methods across computer science, engineering, sciences, social sciences and the humanities, to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. The new institute has five themes:

big data analytics, simulation, modeling and optimization, visualisation and education.

Professor Andrew Rohl, one of the researchers in the new institute said: “We are entering a new horizon where large and complex data sets are providing new challenges and exciting opportunities for those who can harness the analytical and computational resources available”

The institute will support an interdisciplinary PhD programme, as well as informing and enhancing undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Curtin University. To find out more about CIC please visit their website.

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