• Osprey captured by the camera at Daintree Rainforest Observatory. Photo credit: James Cook UniversityOsprey captured by the camera at Daintree Rainforest Observatory. Photo credit: James Cook University

JCU’s Daintree Rainforest Observatory

Many of our universities have amazing facilities set up to aid international research and benefit the students studying at the university.  You can read about some of those other amazing facilities in this article.

One research facility at James Cook University – the Daintree Rainforest Observatory – is located 140km north of Cairns on the edge of the Daintree National Park.  The DRO is one of only five long-term ecological monitoring sites in Australia. There are two laboratories onsite, one open-air teaching lab, and one traditional, air-conditioned laboratory equipped to support the basic needs of most rainforest research, and the canopy crane.

The canopy crane is a 47m tall freestanding crane that enables 360-degree views across the forest for students and researchers, and has a camera mounted upon taking two photos per hour.  The camera was lucky enough recently to capture this close up of an Osprey perched on the crane.  You can see more photos captured by the canopy crane camera on the DRO's Flickr page.

James Cook University is situated in Northern Queensland, and offers students an excellent opportunity to study tropical rainforest and marine flora and fauna with extensive research also taking place on the Great Barrier Reef.  Contact Study Options to find out more about James Cook University and it’s programmes.

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