Time capsule note discovered at the University of Adelaide

A law student at the University of Adelaide has made the news after coming across a 30 year old ‘time capsule’ note tucked into a library book. The note was written on a scrap of paper in 1986 by a student studying in the library and contains an instruction for future discoverers to write their name and the date on it.

Matthew di Caterina, recently came across it himself – and was the 13th person to contribute his name to it. However, before Matthew the note hadn’t been found since 2002, and certainly had never been shared to social media until now – it quickly went viral on Facebook although Matthew will not reveal the name of the book in which he found it, so that the chain can be kept alive.

The only clue is that it’s inside a ‘boring’ book in the University of Adelaide library – presumably one that has been around since at least 1986!

If you are interested in studying at the University of Adelaide, and perhaps keeping that particular time capsule going, contact Study Options to find out more about the programmes on offer. We can’t guarantee that you find it, but we’re pretty sure you will have an amazing university experience anyway!

More clues and pictures in this Daily Mail article.

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