Blue Murder - The Deadly Blue-ringed Octopus

The Nature of Science video series

James Cook University’s Associate Professor Jamie Seymour has been presenting a YouTube video series this year called The Nature of Science (TNOS). The video series seeks to showcase scientific research using humour and creativity. Associate Professor Seymour is one of a team of scientists and cinematographers using time-lapse and high-speed footage sequences to showcase science and nature like never before.

Associate Professor Seymour has been researching and working with venomous and dangerous animals for over 20 years. Based in Cairns, in Northern Australia, an area that has an over abundance of venomous animals, he is uniquely placed to study the ecology and biology of Australia’s venomous species. He teaches at all levels at James Cook University, with his favourite subject being “Venomous Australian Animals”.  A number of the first videos released in the series feature Associate Professor Jamie Seymour’s research.

You can follow The Nature of Science series on the YouTube channel here.

If you would like to find out more about studying science at James Cook University, contact a Study Options advisor or read this month’s subject focus on environmental science programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

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