The Agency: Curtin's powerful new social media facility

New industry training facility at Curtin University for marketing students

Curtin University have recently opened The Agency, an innovative new teaching and research facility for business and marketing students to experience first-hand how global brands and companies monitor their online presences.

The Agency is fitted out with 24 workstations and nine large screen monitors with live visual displays highlighting trending hashtags, comments and shares across a variety of social media platforms.

Professor Nigel de Bussy, Head of the School of Marketing at Curtin, said social media marketing and digital analytics were transforming marketing as more businesses turn to analytics to track their brand reputation and marketing campaigns. “Students learn how to track, monitor and respond to comments, questions and complaints online in real-time. They develop core skills in social media marketing to improve a business’s marketing activities, brands and reputation.”

The facility was developed with input from Curtin’s industry partners such as The Communications Council, which represents agencies in the marketing communication industry across Australia. It is hoped that The Agency will help inspire students to pursue a career in marketing, as well as giving them an excellent hands-on learning experience.

You can find out more about Curtin University on their profile here, and watch the video to find out more about this new facility at the University.

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