UNSW and Commonwealth Bank Australia work together to boost cyber security engineering

UNSW Australia has recently announced a five-year partnership with the Commonwealth Bank to boost that nation’s cyber security expertise.  The Security Engineering Partnership (or SEC.EDU for short) will help build industry capacity to battle the rising menace of cyber intrusions, identify theft, malware attacks and a host of other online perils, and alleviate a critical shortage of cyber security skills available to Australian businesses.

Under the SEC.EDU partnership, UNSW and CommBank will build a Security Engineering Lab, which will become a centre of expertise for education and research in the area. It includes:

  • A new Security Engineering stream in UNSW’s computer science degree program with a comprehensive applied cyber security undergraduate curriculum. This will be published under creative commons licensing and made available as a massive open online course (MOOC)
  • A new Security Engineering Lab for hands-on teaching of security courses
  • Recruitment of world-class staff
  • Support for new PhD research tackling internet security issues and for the tutoring of undergraduates

Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Deputy Dean (Education) in Engineering and Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW, welcomed the partnership: “With many of our commercial transactions going online – not to mention an increasing number of our social transactions – cyber security has become an issue of increasing importance and relevance to society. There is an increasing demand for cyber security professionals that are capable of dealing with the complex issues involved and industry is finding it difficult to find such people.”

“UNSW is one of the leading institutions in cyber security education and research,” he added. “Our students won the domestic cyber security (‘Capture the flag’) competitions — placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in this year’s Cyber Security Challenge, Australia’s national cyber security competition – and annually score highly in international competitions.”

You can read more about this partnership in the original press release.

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