• The Marine Science MOOC homepage. Photo credit: University of Tasmania The Marine Science MOOC homepage. Photo credit: University of Tasmania

Get a taster of studying Marine and Antarctic Science with a UTas MOOC

Open2Study is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform built and managed by Open Universities Australia, a number of our universities have designed courses for the platform including the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science (IMAS) at the University of Tasmania.

IMAS is currently celebrating a milestone for the free Marine and Antarctic Science (Marine) MOOC, with more than 10,000 people around the world enrolling over the last two years.

The Introduction to Marine Science MOOC is delivered by Professor Craig Johnson and Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas and covers a wide range of topics, including: Marine life; Food webs; Ecosystems, such as the Antarctic and kelp forests; Climate change; The impact of human activities like fishing; Marine stewardship.

Professor Johnson describes the course: “The course takes four weeks to complete and is suitable for a wide range of people – from potential students and future scientists to people who are just curious to learn more about our oceans.“

One participant said the course was “extremely interesting, thought-provoking and encourages me to go out and learn more about our oceans, sea, water creatures and looking after them.”

Another student said “I absolutely loved the course! It gives you a good overview of the different parameters that play together and shows what areas you might want to improve your knowledge. Hope to be able to take the studies a bit further. Thank you for this great course!"

You can find out more and join this free MOOC every 4 weeks, via the University of Tasmania’s website here.

If you’re keen to take your interest in Marine Science further and study a full degree at the University of Tasmania, contact Study Options for more information.

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