• Artists impression of the new Science 1 building. Photo credit: The University of OtagoArtists impression of the new Science 1 building. Photo credit: The University of Otago

New science building well under way at the University of Otago

Redevelopment of the Science 1 Building and the partial refurbishment of the adjacent Science 2 Building at the University of Otago is well under way, with the first stage just recently completed.  Already the laboratories are receiving praise as world-class facilities for students.

Science 1 is a chemistry building at the University, which is being entirely re-clad and re-fitted as part of the development scheme.  It will also be connected to the existing Science 2 building to create a more integrated space, and modernise the science facilities.

The redevelopment includes a number of new state-of-the-art laboratories including specialist labs for studying lasers, trace elements and biophysics. Recently completed they are the first of many new laboratories for the Department of Chemistry and chemistry professor Keith Gordon says that they are impressing visitors and staff alike.  Fitted with the very latest safety and lighting technology, the facility enables more and different laser experiments to be conducted simultaneously.  Professor Gordon says the lab is: "as good as any modern lab you would find in the world, and takes us out of the 70s and into the 21st century. I’m delighted with it."

The redevelopment will be fully completed and opened in February 2018.

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