Australian Research Council grants awarded to 989 new research projects

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has just allocated AU$416.6 million in funding to 989 new research projects around Australia.

All of Australia’s universities were successful in winning at least one grant. Projects to receive funding include:

  • AU$1.8 million to Monash University for infrastructure to establish a transmission electron microscope facility to analyse materials structure at the atomic level.
  • AU$980,500 to UNSW Australia for research that aims to resolve the timing, rate of change, mechanisms and effects of past abrupt and extreme global climate change.
  • AU$502,453 for infrastructure at Australian National University (ANU) to create a laser system for the first laser guide star for use in astronomy, satellite tracking and mitigation of the threat of space debris.
  • AU$372,000 to University of Adelaide to discover the genes for developing crops with enhanced salt tolerance.
  • AU$338,000 to Macquarie University to understand how children acquire language by studying speech production in the developing brain, for insights into speech and language problems.
  • AU$187,222 to Curtin University to understand how people with a disability use smartphones to navigate the urban environment, for improving access to public space and essential services.

The Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham said: “This funding represents a significant investment in a wide variety of fundamental and applied research projects, growing Australia’s research capacity and infrastructure, and supporting the next generation of researchers.”

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