IIE Award for Macquarie’s Internationalised Campus

Macquarie University have recently won an award for global international education.  The Andrew Heiskell Awards for Innovation in International Education are one of a few different awards given by the Institute of International Education (IIE) based in New York.

The award was given to Macquarie University for their Global Leadership Programme (GLP).  The programme is a extra-curricular but free programme that is open to both domestic and international students allowing them to gain university academic credit for taking part in a range of international activities including learning a language or periods of study abroad. 

Programme manager Chloë Spackman explained: “Internationalising the campus is no longer about having a small selection of students do a semester of study abroad. It’s about making it happen right here, and understanding that there will be students who for a lot of reasons can’t take that time to go overseas. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be giving them access to opportunities to develop their cross cultural competencies or their understanding of international agendas.” 

Macquarie's Global Leadership programme has been designed so that students not only learn global skills and understanding - you put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities in Australia and overseas.

The Institute of International Education said that the GLP is a flagship programme for Australia and awarded Macquarie University with the Andrew Heiskell Award for Internationalising the Campus.

You can find out more about the Heiskell Award on the IIE website, and learn more about Macquarie University on their profile page.

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