Antarctica: From Geology to Human History

Explore Antarctica with a free online course led by VUW

Students with an interest in Antarctica can take a virtual field trip this month with a free online course being offered by Victoria University of Wellington.

Explore the continent of Antarctica and more than 500 million years of geological history and 250 years of geographical discovery and scientific endeavour.

Victoria University of Wellington lecturers, Dr Rebecca Priestley and Dr Cliff Atkins, filmed their lectures on location on Ross Island and in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

The free course is being offered on the edX platform, lasts 5 weeks and will begin on April 15 2017.  It’s just a taster of the wider world of Antarctic Science, but in just five weeks you can learn about:

  • The chronology of Antarctic geology and human activities.
  • The locations and significance of key geographic features of Ross Island and the Antarctic continent.
  • How research is undertaken in Antarctica, both today and at key points in history.
  • The role of Antarctic paleoclimate research in understanding present and future climate change including the impact on the Antarctic ice sheet volume and global sea levels.

Victoria University of Wellington is just one of a number of our universities that offer programmes in Antarctic Science, if this MOOC inspires you to study more, why not contact us for more information about degree options?

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