New Zealand top in world for preparing students for future

The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the Yidan Prize Foundation, has singled out New Zealand and Canada as the two countries that best prepare students for the future.  This new major study evaluated education systems in 35 economies across 16 indicators, which cover the education policy environment, teaching environment and socio-economic environment.

The report looked at education for young people between the ages of 15 and 24 and concentrates on “inputs” such as government expenditure on post-secondary education, the quality of teacher education, cultural diversity and tolerance. 

New Zealand earned full marks for its curriculum framework for future skills, the effectiveness of its policy implementation system, teacher education, government education expenditure, career counselling in schools, collaboration between universities and industry, and cultural diversity and tolerance, according to the report.

The top ten scoring countries are:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Canada
  3. Finland
  4. Switzerland
  5. Singapore
  6. UK
  7. Japan
  8. Australia
  9. Netherlands
  10. Germany

You can read the full report on the Economist Intelligence Unit's website here.

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