New scholarships available at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has just approved an exciting new scholarship scheme. The new scholarship scheme is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students who are commencing their studies at the University in Semester 2 or Trimester 3 2018. Tuition fee waiver scholarships of varying amounts are available for the following categories of students:

  1. High academic achievers: 50% tuition fee waiver.
  2. Early accepters: 15% tuition fee waiver if the offer is accepted by 15 May 2018.
  3. Graduates and alumni of an AQF-recognised tertiary Australian institution: 25% tuition fee waiver.
  4. Family of current students/alumni: 25% tuition fee waiver for immediate family of current University of Adelaide students or alumni.
  5. University of Adelaide graduates: 25% tuition fee waiver for University of Adelaide graduates who continue their studies at the University of Adelaide for a second or subsequent degree.

All scholarships are available to citizens of any country (except for Australia and New Zealand) and apply each year for the standard full-time duration of the awardee’s programme. There are no programme exclusions.

Scholarship applicants who are eligible for more than one scholarship offered by the University of Adelaide will only be entitled to receive one scholarship (the highest value scholarship for which they are eligible).

Please refer to the University’s scholarships website for further details.  You should have an offer of place at the University of Adelaide before applying for scholarships. Contact Study Options if you are ready to make an application to the University of Adelaide.

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