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Teach a VR class at Murdoch University

Murdoch University has become the first university in Australia to introduce VR classroom training for its student teachers. The new SimLab offers a unique blend of virtual reality technology and live human performance that creates powerful and immersive learning simulations. 

The technology offers  a 'real time' mixed reality learning environment, with classroom pupils being represented by avatars that respond in real time. Actors are wired up behind scenes in Murdoch's SimLab to enable this. When virtual avatars are blended with the human interactors, it is possible to induce very powerful behavioural and emotional responses. Research shows that users of the technology actually become empathetic to the emotions, abilities and circumstances of the avatar.

The SimLab enables teachers and education students to safely practice and master the complex interpersonal skills that are essential to their day-to-day performance on the job. Using the SimLab environment also enables 'just-in-time' feedback and opportunities to reflect on practice which is not afforded in a typical classroom setting. This means that users of the technology can safely take risks, from which they can learn how to improve their day-to-day performance.

All types of instructional techniques can be rehearsed in SimLab's virtual reality classroom, including:

  • managing classroom behaviour
  • working with children with special needs, and
  • practicing specific instructional routines relevant to a particular subject area.

Murdoch University offers teacher training programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education.  Contact a Study Options student advisor to find out more about studying teaching at university in Australia or New Zealand.

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