Monash University’s Bachelor of Design – programme updates

Monash University have announced a new Bachelor of Design programme from 2019.  The new Bachelor of Design replaces the previously separate design programmes on offer, which were: Bachelor of Communication Design; Bachelor of Industrial Design; and Bachelor of Interior Architecture.

Within the new Bachelor of Design, there are four specialisations available:

Communication design
Great designers are great storytellers. Become the bold, imaginative communication designer who informs and motivates the world through creative visual storytelling.

Industrial design
Innovate, improve and enhance the products, systems and services we use every day.

Spatial design (previously Interior Architecture)
Combine your creative ideas with design thinking techniques to make dynamic spaces for people to inhabit.

Collaborative design
Collaborative design combines the best of each design specialisation. Apply your multidisciplinary skills across a broad range of applications and media.

Students will be able to choose their specialisation after the first year of study on the programme, but will also have the flexibility to move between specialisations during their study and graduate with a specialisation degree, e.g, Bachelor of Communication Design, Bachelor of Spatial Design, etc.

If you would like to find about more about Monash University you can read their profile here or contact Study Options for a design course list if you would like to find out more about the range of undergraduate design degrees available in Australia and New Zealand.

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