The first city in the world to turn itself into a virtual game – WellTown

Explore WellTown – the world’s first VR city

Whether you’re planning to study in Wellington, or just wanted to see the city - you can now explore and play games in Wellington without leaving your sofa. The recently launched WellTown game is a curated set of experiences set inside a virtual version of Wellington.

The virtual version of Wellington is made up of the WellTown game developed by local company Wrestler and Explore More 360° video experiences by developer Mixt Studio.  Virtual Wellington is available for free download on the Steam and Oculus VR stores now and is described by it’s team as a “modern-day destination brochure that showcases what Wellington has to offer in a uniquely Wellington way”.

Amongst the experiences on offer, you can you fire coffee shots at caffeine deprived morning zombies, take a jump from Wellington’s waterfront diving platform, busk on Cuba Street or explore Wellington’s sights in 360°, including the Victoria University of Wellington campus, Weta Studios and Te Papa museum.

Find out more about WellTown including links to download the app here.

If you’d like to see and study in Wellington for real, contact Study Options for more information!

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