AU$50 million for brain injury research at Curtin University

The Australian Government has awarded a Curtin University-led research mission AU$50 million over the next 10 years to help improve the lives of people with traumatic brain injuries of all severities, from concussion in sports to severe brain injuries from road accidents.

The research funding goes to the Mission for Traumatic Brain Injury initiative, which aims to find solutions to the unmet needs of those impacted by traumatic brain injuries and offer patients and their families hope for the future.

Professor Melinda Fitzgerald, who leads the research, said traumatic brain injuries dramatically impact the lives of the patient involved and the people around them, both mentally and financially: “Only 10 to 25 per cent of people seek medical attention for the milder traumatic brain injuries like concussion, so these injuries are substantially under reported across the country. Current treatments available for mild and severe traumatic brain injury or concussion are not consistent across the nation and that can contribute to why outcomes for these patients are often so poor.”

She continued: “There is currently a lack of evidence to inform the public and health clinicians about the best way to treat people with traumatic brain injuries. Our research will help to identify the predictors of poor outcomes following a traumatic brain injury and then develop feasible initiatives that will help improve the lives of these patients.”

The Mission for Traumatic Brain Injury initiative will also be launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to educate people about the results of their research.

If you are interested in studying a research degree in Australia, you can find information about how to apply on this page.

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