UQ Unwrapped initiative has stopped over 800,000 items reaching landfill

The University of Queensland has stopped more than 800,000 plastic items from going to landfill in the past eight months through the UQ Unwrapped initiative that targets single-use plastic on campus.

The initiative, a first for an Australian university, is reducing the University’s ‘plastic footprint’ by encouraging UQ retailers, events and markets to adopt reusable or compostable alternatives. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Bronwyn Harch said: “UQ Unwrapped brings the University community together to act on the issue of single-use plastic consumption through practical initiatives and an action-based membership model.'

The UQ Unwrapped initiative is just one of the University’s projects to create a more sustainable campus. Other projects have introduced drink container refund bins, swappable reusable coffee cups, food waste recycling on campus and removing under-desk bins to encourage more recycling and physical movement amongst staff.

Professor Harch also said: “Reducing plastic use complements the University’s exciting research currently being undertaken into new forms of biodegradable plastics. 

If you would like to read more about the University of Queensland’s projects to build a sustainable campus, there is a dedicated sub-section of their website here.

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