Bushfires in Australia

By now you will all have seen coverage of the devastating bushfires affecting Australia.

While the impact on many rural communities has been profound, none of our partner universities have been directly affected by the fires. All campuses remain open and ready to welcome new and returning students due to begin their studies in Semester 1 (late February) 2020. 

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Australian bushfires. Study Options has donated A$1,000 to the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal

Vinnies is an amazing charity that focuses on helping people dealing with the immediate aftermath of the fires, and on supporting them as they rebuild their lives longer-term, but there are lots of charities and organisations that you can donate to – here are a few more suggestions. Please help if you can.

While the major cities of Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne, have not been directly struck by the fires, which have mostly been in rural areas, travelling smoke has caused air quality to decline.

The states of New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia, in the country’s south-east, are currently the worst affected. Some parts of these states have experienced extensive fire damage with transport and road closures. If you are planning to travel around Australia before beginning your course in February, please be aware of the relevant emergency websites and fire danger ratings for each state in the areas you plan to visit.

Please stay safe and avoid unnecessary travel to areas affected by bushfires. If travelling, please check the following websites for emergency updates regularly: 

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