Warwick Solar Farm

UQ becomes first university to be powered by 100% renewable energy

The University of Queensland became the world’s first major university to offset 100% of its electricity with renewable energy, when its 64 megawatt solar farm was completed last month. 

The new solar farm is at Warwick in the South-East of Queensland and has enough panels that they would stretch over 300km if lined up end to end. 

The new solar farm not only offsets UQ’s energy usage, but provides a useful learning and research resource for students studying engineering degrees at the University.

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology Executive Dean Professor Vicki Chen said: “Many of our Engineering students have been fascinated to learn about UQ’s own operational moves into renewable energy, including the Warwick Solar Farm.

“The Master of Sustainable Energy students also see it as a privilege to see UQ’s own renewable energy assets up close and to work hands-on with our own data.”

You can find out more about the University of Queensland’s commitment to renewable energy in the video.

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