Griffith University International Scholarships

Griffith University have recently announced the addition of a number of new scholarships for international students applying to study at the university. There are scholarships available for both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students at the university, and range from A$1000 to A$5000 tuition fee help.

Scholarships will be awarded to high performing students who've excelled in their studies prior to, or during their time at, Griffith University.  Once you have a place confirmed at Griffith University, you can make an application for these scholarships - there will be a deadline of 30 November for Semester 1 applications, and 30 April for Semester 2 applications.

You can find out more about these scholarships and whether you are eligible to apply on the Griffith University website. Contact Study Options to find out more about Griffith or to apply for programmes at this university.

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