James Cook University 2017 science scholarships

James Cook University has announced a 20% commencement scholarship for science students starting at the university during 2017.  The scholarship is for all students applying to JCU from the UK, including all Study Options students regardless of the country of your citizenship.  The scholarship is applicable to both the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees and for both start dates (February and July).

Students will receive 20% off their first payment of tuitions fees in their first year, based on 2017 tuition fees for students studying a full 4 subject load, this amounts to a value of:

  • AU$3300 off the first semester tuition fee for the Bachelor of Science 
  • AU$3600 off the first semester tuition fee for the Master of Science

Contact Study Options to find out more about these scholarships or to make an application to James Cook University.

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