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  • Study Abroad & Exchange
    South Island Massey University
    Kim Trask

    Kim did Study Abroad at Massey University

    To me, studying abroad presented the unique opportunity to learn about a course I love in a different part of the world, and at the same time be fully integrated in a foreign community. New Zealand is also one of the most beautiful places in the world and as it was an English-speaking country, I was confident I would feel fully immersed in a new culture but wouldn’t have to struggle with a...

  • Study Abroad & Exchange
    South Island Massey University
    Angus Farquhar

    Angus did study abroad at Massey University

    During my second year at the University of Dundee I began investigating the possibility of studying overseas. I have always been fascinated by politics and I felt I would have an even stronger degree after experiencing higher education in two different countries and universities.I was keen to study in New Zealand because there was no language barrier to overcome with the teaching of my classes. I...

  • Postgraduate students, Study Abroad & Exchange
    New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Sara Al-Bazaz in Sydney

    Sara did a postgraduate Tester Semester in finance and accounting at the University of Sydney in 2017

    I was studying a Master of Finance and Accounting in London when I decided that I wanted to study abroad for a semester. My UK university did not have any exchange partnerships for my degree, so I was told that if I wanted to go abroad, I’d have to organise it myself. The process wasn’t straightforward and I had some rejections before I found Study Options who helped me. “I wanted to study...

  • Life after university
    Victoria The University of Melbourne

    Ashley studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne

    "I studied Philosophy at University of Melbourne for about a year and a half.  Though I didn't graduate, and now live back in London, I got quite a bit out of the course at a time that was pretty difficult for me.  Whilst not everything was straightforward to understand and adjust to with regards to the difference in educational procedure, and Australian testing standards, Study Options...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    Queensland James Cook University
    Rebecca Diggins holding a baby turtle

    Studied: MSc Protected Area Management at James Cook University, graduating in 2017

    What is your current job/activity?"I am about to go to Oman for a month to work and then I’m heading back to Townsville, Queensland.  I am about to start a PhD at JCU but since completing my masters I have worked in a number of environmental roles, including working as the coral reef ecologist for ‘conservation through education’ company, Operation Wallacea, in Indonesia; I have worked as a...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    Australian Capital Territory Australian National University (ANU)
    Anil Savio Kavuri

    Anil studied a PhD at Australian National University

    Prior to joining ANU, though my passion was always to make an impact on economic thought, I decided to work in banking. So, after my education, which included a BSc in Economics at UCL, an MPhil in Finance at Cambridge University and a Masters in Energy and Economics at Columbia University in the US, I started working in New York as a project financier on Wall Street.After being a consultant...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    Western Australia The University of Western Australia
    Jonathan Mitchell after completing his PhD

    Jonathan completed his PhD in Marine Biology in March 2019, at The University of Western Australia in Perth

    I came to Australia to start my PhD in January 2015, which was a big adventure as I did not know anyone prior to arriving, and I had not even been to Australia before. Despite this, I was able to settle here and make friends very quickly. I particularly enjoy the lifestyle here in Perth – the climate is warm, dry and sunny year round, which is great because I enjoy a range of outdoor hobbies,...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    Victoria Monash University
    Ben Young working underwater

    Studied: Bachelor of Science (Zoology and Geoscience) at Monash University

    How did your Australian degree help you get to where you are now?Monash was the absolute best experience; Australia is an incredible place. Monash was a fantastic university, offering a variety of core courses and electives and it paired with my personality from the get-go.I am currently living in Miami undertaking a PhD in coral disease and disease resistance genetics at the Rosenstiel School of...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    North Island The University of Auckland
    Jamie Blundell

    Studied: Masters in Social Work (Professional) University of Auckland

    After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of the West of England, Bristol back in 2008, I never thought I would find myself back in academia again. Knowing the work that is involved and the fees that are required, I really questioned whether the benefits would ever outweigh these costs. However, having spent some time (18 months) living and working as an English...

  • Life after university, Postgraduate students
    Victoria The University of Melbourne
    Katharina Prugger

    Studied: Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne

    How did your Australian qualification help you get to where you are in your career? I graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Master of Art Curatorship in 2013. The course included an internship, which was a great way of making connections within the Melbourne art community that are still continuing today.Before moving to Melbourne, I completed a BA in International Business Studies in...

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