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  • Postgraduate students
    North Island Victoria University of Wellington
    Evan Brenton-Rule

    Studying for a PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity

    “Wellington is compact, so it’s easy to get places, but there is also a huge amount to do. The physical environment is epic. Great ocean and forest that you can really get into. Also, pretty densely packed cafes and restaurants to enjoy.“The thing I’ve most enjoyed about studying at Victoria has been the opportunity to see new areas of New Zealand. The opportunity to spend, cumulatively, several...

  • North Island Victoria University of Wellington
    Vallensia Krismon.

    Studying Bachelor of Design Innovation at Victoria University of Wellington

    “Victoria University of Wellington offers quite a unique subject, which is the Culture + Context Design, that explores the importance between design and other subjects that you choose as your minor (mine is film studies) and how you apply this relationship in a variety of industries.“Having the university placed in Wellington, which is the creative capital of New Zealand, and the campus on Cuba...

  • Postgraduate students
    South Island University of Canterbury
    Kerstin Erfmann. Photo credit: University of Canterbury

    Kerstin is studying towards a PhD in Speech and Language Sciences at the University of Canterbury

    ‘My main motivation is to make a difference in other people’s lives,’ Kerstin says about her PhD research.Having previously studied Speech and Language Pathology qualifications in Germany, she was determined to contribute more of her expertise in swallowing disorders to the field.‘Current rehabilitation options didn’t satisfy me in their outcomes when I was working with individuals that suffer...

  • South Island University of Canterbury
    Denny Du. Photo credit: University of Canterbury

    Denny is studying towards a Bachelor of Forestry Science at the University of Canterbury

    With a goal to start a career in the forestry industry, Denny decided on travelling to New Zealand from China, as recommended to him by family and for the opportunity to experience study in the unique New Zealand environment.‘New Zealand is a good place to study as it provides a better environment for me to live in and pursue my future life quality,’ he says. ‘New Zealand has high diversity of...

  • Postgraduate students
    South Island University of Canterbury
    Emma Wallace. Photo credit: University of Canterbury

    Emma is studying towards a Master of Science in Speech and Language Sciences at the University of Canterbury

    It was UC’s reputation in Speech and Language Sciences that lead Emma to travel to New Zealand from Ireland, particularly for its research in swallowing and dysphagia. Emma’s own research is conducted through the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research where she is supervised by Prof Maggie-Lee Huckabee, which has been an incredible opportunity for her.‘Maggie-Lee’s research that...

  • Postgraduate students
    New South Wales Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)
    John Sturt-Addicott

    John is studying an MBA at Macquarie Graduate School of Management

    “I first thought about doing an MBA when my wife and I decided we’d look at our options for living abroad. She was then offered an incredible opportunity to work in Sydney and I started looking at what I would do when I moved out there. For a while I had been thinking about making a career change.“We attended a Study Options university open day in London and met representatives from different...

  • Postgraduate students
    Queensland The University of Queensland

    Kecheng is studying Master of Geographic Information Science at the University of Queensland

    My name is Kecheng Zhang. I studied MSc Development Finance at the University of Manchester from 2014 to 2015. I determined to go to Australia to study further at the University of Queensland.I first found out about Study Options on the UQ official website, while I was preparing to apply for postgraduate study. UQ recommended that I apply through Study Options, who are an agent providing services...

  • New South Wales The University of Sydney

    Jiayu will start a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney in February 2016

    “I applied for a bachelor degree of commerce at the University of Sydney on 7th January 2016 and received the unconditional offer within three working days. I must say this would not happen without enormous help from Study Options. I am very grateful for the service they provided and I am happy to tell the story I have been through with those wonderful people.“I am an A-levels student from...

  • South Australia Flinders University

    Kate went to Flinders University on exchange to study criminology and English literature

    "Adelaide is very laid back, and everyone is surprisingly warm, open and welcoming. I also seem to be doing more sports here than I ever do at home, so I feel amazing!"Flinders is more challenging than my university at home - I’m certainly never bored here! I live in the university hall and we have all pretty much been forced into getting to know each other. It’s been embarrassing, hilarious,...

  • Victoria La Trobe University

    Hannah was studying the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University

    "It’s difficult to pick one thing to love above everything else in this city. The nightlife is fantastic, which allows me to create a healthy work-life balance, the university campus is stunning and the friends I’ve made both at university and outside make life extremely enjoyable."My course is great, I like everything about it! The content is challenging, interesting, and very rewarding. The...

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