Aero Laplasterier

Aero Laplasterier is at ANU studying Bachelor of Philosophy majoring in chemistry

Aero Laplasterier

“I really want to get a grip on what is happening in the world at the moment; how it’s changing; why it’s changing. I want to know about the economic aspects of that, but more so the environmental aspects,” says Aero, who has always had an interest in the environment. Growing up on the edge of a national park, he has a strong connection with nature. Now, studying a PhB with a focus in chemistry, Aero hopes he can use his academic background to build a better understanding of the world. “My main focus is climate science,” he says. “I’d love to do some research on something to do with the Great Barrier Reef.”

Living on campus has given Aero lots of opportunities to meet people and socialise. “I’ve played AFL, rugby league, field hockey, football and am about to start touch football and probably volleyball,” he says. “I was also part of a musical that Fenner Hall put on. We did Cabaret. That was a lot of fun. There is a really nice social, inter-hall community here.”

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